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The Wizard of Oz Auditions:


Once casting is complete for The Wizard of Oz, Dream Arts Co. will hold auditions for Toto! We are looking for two dogs to share the role of Toto in The Wizard of Oz! The successful dogs will receive billing in the show program and a headshot. The owner(s) will receive one Wizard of Oz t-shirt, billing in the show program, a cast photo, and six free Oz tickets. Financial compensation is unavailable for the dog or dog owner(s).


Dog requirements to audition for Toto:
  • Any dog that is happy and able to be picked up! No previous acting experience is required, but a well-trained dog with a perky disposition is a plus!

  • Not be frightened or distracted by live music, audience responses and clapping, or actors moving on stage.

  • Available to perform in 5 live performances, December 14-18, 2022, and all of the technical rehearsals during the show's final two weeks. 

  • Dog owner (or substitute) will need to be present (or easily accessible) during rehearsals and performances.

  • Dogs of all breeds are encouraged to audition. Dogs do not have to look like the dog from the movie.

  • Under 18 pounds

  • Able to follow hand signals (not voice) by the handler offstage or actor on stage to sit, stay, come, and run across the stage.

  • Dog must be able to sit in a crate when offstage quietly.

Please contact for more information or to request an audition. 

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