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Show Directors, Musical Directors, Drama Teachers,

Vocal Ensemble/Choral Directors and Choreographers


Are you interested in teaching or directing for DACO

We are now accepting resumes.

Please send your cover letter, resume, and any other applicable teaching and/or performance information to

Basic Function:
To train and instruct students in a specified area of competence in such a way as to promote the development of character, self-esteem, and confidence.




  • Must understand DACO’S Values and Objectives and be willing to incorporate them when performing job-related tasks.

  • Must have theater experience and/or education pertaining to a class being taught.

  • Must show evidence of the ability to use appropriate and effective methods of instruction

  • Must possess the ability to create a positive, organized, and effective learning environment

Artistic Team Members

Have proficiency, passion and past experience in their expertise:


  • Directors must know and love theater and know the various aspects of mounting a major production. He/She must know how to motivate actors, create stage pictures, inspire cast and crew and lead the entire company to reach their vision.


  • Musical Directors must know how to read music (and play to some extent) and teach rhythm, melodies, and harmonies.


  • Choreographers must know and love to teach various styles of dance and be able to tell a story and create stage pictures with movement and dance.


All Team Members Must: 

Love working with children and young adults, and love to see growth in the lives of all children/young adults, not just the leads.

Be strong moral role models. The participants look up to these individuals and the responsibility of being exemplary cannot be overstated.

Be enthusiastic and encouraging. People always respond better to someone who is positive. 

Someone who consistently encourages and gives positive reinforcement will accomplish much more than a leader who is negative, sarcastic and harsh.

Be a team player. They must be excited and willing to work with other people on their artistic team. Each member must be committed to negotiation, compromise, and submission to each other. The “good” of the “bigger picture” must be the focus.