Parent Volunteer Hours are REQUIRED.


One of the ways we offset costs for the program/production as well as keep the whole family (or any interested family members) involved in our production company is through active parent support.

We need parents to help promote our projects, sell tickets, work on set elements, gather costume materials and promote our advertising and sponsorship opportunities.  

Once our process begins--we will need support building the set, organizing and fitting costumes, organizing props, backstage supervision, arranging and serving meals, etc. After casting, you may indicate your parent work assignment preference, but assignments are made based on production needs. 


Do I have to do Parent Service Hours?


We’d love it if every family were able to join in with parent service hours. It’s awesome to be able to say, “I made that costume,” “I built that set,” or “I did that makeup!”


However, we do understand with jobs, and other children, and the craziness that is life, that is just not possible for everyone. What is the answer? You can buy out of your parent service hours.


Buy Out. If you are not able to complete your parent service hours, you are welcome to pay a fee rather than serve your hours. The buy out price is $350 per child due before the second full week of our program.