In honor of our 15 year anniversary,

we are excited to add a new

musical production concept to our summer lineup! 

This performance project will not conflict with any other DACO rehearsal, activity or workshop planned for this summer! 


Well, we are staging and presenting a musical in just 48 hours! Yup, FORTY EIGHT HOURS!

We will announce a musical and the show will go up 2,880 minutes later!

Actors will audition for the show without advance notice of the show.

If cast, they will not know their role(s) in advance.

At the top of our 48 hour project, we announce the show, release the casting and go straight into rehearsal for the next 48 hours.
48 hours later--curtain up and the magic begins!

The rehearsals are an adrenaline-fueled mad-dash to opening. The performance is a unique experience; unpredictable and exhilarating for both the company and the audience.

What's the point?

We are up for a challenge!

We want to offer unique and creative opportunities to our student community!

We think the concept is super cool!
We believe this new project has the possibility of connecting theatre peeps from all over the metro Detroit area with different skills and experiences, and help to build our arts community by working on an ambitious and creative challenge together.

Who are

you looking for?!

We are looking for multi-talented, incredibly driven performers who want the opportunity to do what they love (with minimal sleep).

Auditions are open to YOUTH, TEENS & ADULTS!

Anyone who can commit to the full schedule/casting policy is eligible to audition.

Can it be done?

We totally believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE (that is not a clue)!

What’s the Audition Buzz?

also not a clue, but it could be. Probably not, but you never know!

First, by deciding to audition, if cast,  you are agreeing to happily and graciously accept  a lead, supporting or chorus role. You do not have an option to opt-out or become dramatically moody if you do not like your placement once the cast list is announced--48 hours prior to the show.

No Matter What ( I know you are looking for clues--but that is also not a clue)...we expect everyone to serve as creative team players and move forward with excitement and 100% effort!

Second--Piggybacking on the above statement--you must agree to have a positive and supportive reaction once the show is announced (48 hours prior to curtain)! If the selected show is not a personal favorite or you have participated in the show 3 other times---we expect you to fulfill your participation commitment and move forward with….enthusiasm and tons of energy!

Audition Details

Prepare two contrasting musical theatre songs.

Um, explanation, please!

(Borrowed from an online source):

Prepare two contrasting songs. It’s always good to front up to a musical theatre audition with one song that’s pre-1960, and one that’s contemporary. That’s your first contrast. Two contrasting musical theatre traditions.

The second contrast is character. Your songs should display two different characters. One might be Annie Ado with “I Cain’t Say No" from Oklahoma, and the other may be a reprise from Little Red Riding Hood from Into the Woods, for instance. Your songs should show the types of roles you’re capable of playing.  So in your suite of songs, find characters that show a variety of virtues and vices.

For example, source songs for a character that is dominant, a character that is evil, another character that is vulnerable, another character that is neurotic, and another character that overcomes the odds. And bring your character to your song. Aim for at least two different energies in the two songs you bring on audition day.

We may not have you perform both selections, but BE PREPARED (okay, I will stop…..for now)!


We do not allow audition vocal selections from the following shows or composers:



2. Please have your music clearly marked and in a 3-ring binder with pages copied back to back.

3. A professional accompanist will be provided.

4. A cappella auditions are not an option.

5. Bring a 8x10 headshot/recent photo. You DO NOT need a professional headshot. A simple pic of yourself is fine. Make sure you are the only one in the picture. Photos are not returned to you. Please write your full name on the back of your 8x10 photo.

6. Auditions are closed to parents or additional guests. 

7. VERY IMPORTANT: Please plan on performing your musical selection(s) with the same amount of acting with which you rehearse and perform a monologue or scene.

8. Arrive NO MORE THAN 10 minutes before your audition appointment.

9. PLEASE NOTE: The entire audition process may take approximately 2-3.5 hours.

10. The audition will include a dance session. Please dress for movement/dance and bring proper footwear.

11. ADVICE: Please do not wait until the last minute to order your music online and/or from a local store. It often takes a couple of weeks for shipping. Also, we strongly suggest practicing/reviewing your sheet music with a pianist before your audition. Do not assume the CD/Radio version of your song is the same as your sheet music. Hearing the sheet music version of a song for the first time during an actual audition will not allow you to perform at your best!!

12. Online Sheet Music Resources: JW Pepper Music online;;



You must be able to commit
to the following timeline.  


6p.m.-Cast Meet & Greet/Show Announcement

7p.m. - Our DREAMERS 48 Production officially begins!



Midnight -8a.m.-Sleep at home



Midnight-8a.m.-Sleep at home



If we decide to add a second performance, you must be available: 


4:00p.m.-Show tweaks


Strike-immediately following the performance. 


Commit to learning all staging, vocals and choreography. 

Remain positive and supportive to all involved. 

All dates and times are subject to change.


Parent Volunteer Hours are REQUIRED for students currently (17/18 school year) in elementary, middle or high school. 

In the month prior to the show we need parents to help promote the project, sell tickets, work on basic set elements, gather basic costume materials and promote our advertising and sponsorship opportunities.  


Once the 48 hour process begins--we will need support building the set, organizing and fitting costumes, organizing props, arranging and serving meals, etc. After casting, you may indicate your parent work assignment preference, but assignments are made based on production needs. The strike is scheduled immediately following the final production.

Location! Location!

The final performance(s) will take place at Groves High School in Birmingham.


Initial day of rehearsal will take place at our rehearsal studio in Bloomfield Hills.

Fees! What’s the Deal?

There is tuition and additional production related fees for all students who are cast. There is no fee to audition.



Tuition Fee: F
or students currently (17/18 school year) in elementary, middle or high school. 


$120.00 per person.
Tuition is non-refundable/non-transferable.

100% of these fees are put towards the cost of the production.

Payment is due at the time of the audition.

Checks are not cashed until after final casting. If you are not cast in the show, checks are mailed back or destroyed.

​Costume Fee:
 For students currently (17/18 school year) in elementary, middle or high school.

Participants will pay a fee to help cover the rental, creation and/or purchase of costume items.

Prices will vary depending on size and number of roles.

Due: TBD

ADDITIONAL FEES (most are optional)
Merchandise (cast t-shirts/sweatpants/bags, etc.) -
Due June 18, 2018.

Show tickets
Costume accessories/shoes/wigs/leotards/tights (not optional)--All assigned items are due July 17, 2018.  
Cast Party-TBD.

​These and other ancillary costs are not included in the tuition fee.


It On! 

I am

ready to register!

Auditions are scheduled for June 16, 2018.


Callbacks, if necessary--TBD


If you are unavailable the morning of June 16th, please let us know and we will try to make alternate arrangements.

Send an email to


(Subject: DREAMERS 48) with the following details:




SCHOOL:              GRADE (17/18 Year):

Parent Name & Contact Information:  

Please confirm you’ve read all of the details about our DREAMERS FORTY-EIGHT PROJECT including, participation fee, casting/role policy and the schedule:





Please confirm you’ve read all of the details about our DREAMERS FORTY-EIGHT PROJECT including our casting/role policy and schedule:

You will receive a confirmation email with your exact time and audition location once your request is received and processed.   Please allow a few days for a response. Our office hours are not traditional full or part-time hours.