MARGIE: bookshop owner; scatterbrained, eternally hopeful

BOMBALURINA: Margie’s cat; likes to steal things 

MOM: bored bookshop customer 

TIMMY: kid; hates books 

ROBIN HOOD: vain Medieval English outlaw 

TOM SAWYER: mischievous Missouri schoolboy 

SHERLOCK HOLMES: brainy English detective 

TOTO: Dorothy’s dog; not as brave as he thinks he is

DOROTHY: Kansas farm girl; fearless, clever 

HEIDI: Swiss mountain girl; melodramatic

POLLYANNA : New England schoolgirl;  annoyingly optimistic

BOOK FAIRY: brings the book characters to life; overbearing

LADY IN RED: mysterious bookshop customer 

FAGIN: English pickpocket; sneaky

LONG JOHN SILVER: English pirate; treacherous 

OFFICER KETCHUM: confused police officer 

FINGERS: jewel smuggler; dumb 

EDDIE: another; bossy and dumb thief 

DOCTOR DOLITTLE: English veterinarian; talks to animals

QUEEN OF HEARTS: ruler of Wonderland; hothead 

FRANKENSTEIN: monster; grunts a lot 

WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST: Dorothy’s nemesis; smart aleck 

HOPALONG CASSIDY: noble cowboy