Please read this entire page! 

Auditions will take place via Zoom on

December 27, 2020

To make an appointment please email the following details: ​



SCHOOL/CITY (please do not use abbreviations):

Current grade (20/21):


Parental contact information (INCLUDING EMAIL):

How did you find out about our audition?: 


You will receive a confirmation email with your exact time once your request is received and processed.   Please allow a few days for a response. Our office hours are not traditional full or part-time hours. 


What to Prepare

1. Perform a one-two minute comedic monologue or poem. 

Virtual Audition Tips

  1. If you can get a tripod then it really does make a difference. It holds the camera sturdy and at a good angle. If you can’t get hold of a tripod, then don’t worry. Be creative and prop up your filming device (phone, laptop, camera) on a shelf or some stacked boxes to get the angle right.

  2. You want the camera to be not too close but not so far away. In a monologue or song performance, above the knees should do the trick. Try to clear the room to give you the depth of space and most importantly lift the camera rather than tilt it up. This will give you a better angle to film your audition piece

  3. As much as possible, keep the background plain and simple. Ideally, it would be a plain wall, but failing that, make sure you don’t have anything too distracting in the background. It shouldn’t be obvious where you are in your home.

  4. Make sure you consider the lighting. Direct sunlight can obscure the view of your face and hinder the audition.

  5. Try to deal with any potential disturbances like a pet or a family member interrupting. Of course, if this happens and it is live, just deal with it and carry on.

  6. If you are using music, check your sound levels beforehand.

  7. Have you thought about how to introduce yourself at the start of your monologue? Start by stating your name and the title of the piece as an introduction before you begin.

  8. You’ll need to do a test self-tape to ensure you can be seen in the frame and can be heard completely clearly. Look just above or to the side of the camera rather than directly into the lens.

  9. Most importantly, relax and just do the same performance as if you were in the actual room with them. The interviewer knows that this is a new experience for us all and remember they are on your side.