Bye, Bye Birdie is a fun universal story!!  

It is not a story that we will tell with a particular look for any of the characters in the show.

All of the characters will instead be a diverse group of actors representing all people. 
Theatre is an imaginative form, not a literal one.
The story of Bye, Bye Birdie is one that appeals and

applies to all people and our casting will reflect that truth.

Albert-President of the Almaelou Music Corporation, and Conrad Birdie’s agent. He is a nervous, excitable man who spends most of his time trying to control the uncontrollable, with quite comic results. Great singer, great comic timing.


Rosie-Albert’s girlfriend and secretary at Almaelou Music Corporation. She is frustrated with Albert’s inability to commit to her, and is willing to do anything it takes to get Albert to give up the music business and settle down. Headstrong and confident, strong actress and great singer.


Mrs. Mae Peterson-Albert’s controlling mother. She loves her son, despite her disapproval of the way he runs the family business. She does not approve of Rosie. She is always parenting Albert and provides much comic relief during the show. Strong actress with great comic timing.


Conrad Birdie-teen heartthrob who has been drafted into the army. Think Elvis Presley. He says little, but conveys much with his body language, swagger, and music. He knows that good looks and a killer smile will get him more than his personality. Must be a great singer/dancer with an over-the-top character.


Kim MacAfee-A self-confident young member of Conrad’s fan club who is chosen to receive a kiss from Conrad before he leaves for the army. She sees herself as more mature than the average teenager. Great singer & actress.


Hugo Peabody-Kim’s devoted steady boyfriend who is jealous that Conrad is getting so much attention from Kim. Comic role, a bit nerdy.


Mr. Harry MacAfee-Kim’s father, thinks he is in control of his family (but isn’t). Great actor, a good singer, must be able to find the comedy in his character’s frustration and irritability.


Mrs. Doris MacAfee-Kim’s loving mother who knows just how to handle her husband and her household. Good actor/singer.


Ursula Merkle-Kim’s best friend and the hyper-enthusiastic teenager who leads the girls in screaming for Conrad. A unique character with a one of a kind voice.


Randolph MacAfee-Kim’s younger brother, fun young character.


The Mayor-head figure of Sweet Apple, Ohio who welcomes Conrad Birdie to town. A bit naïve to the effect Conrad has on the girls of the town. Comic actor.


The Mayor’s Wife, Edna-one of the adults of the show who cannot resist the charms of Conrad Birdie.


Gloria Rasputin-dreamy, ambitious knockout who Mrs. Peterson chooses to replace Rosie. She is looking for her big break in show business and hopes Albert can help her. A ditzy chorus girl, larger-than-life character. Great dancer.


Mrs. Merkle-Ursula’s overbearing mother who also gets a touch of Conrad Birdie fever.


Harvey Johnson-a typical nerdy teenager.


Mr. Johnson-Harvey’s father and one of the many parents in Sweet Apple desperate to keep control of their children as Conrad Birdie comes to town.


Supporting Sweet Apple Teens: These teens are highly featured with many appearances and the opportunity for solos in various songs.


Helen- A teenager of Sweet Apple Ohio


Nancy- A teenager of Sweet Apple Ohio


Alice- A teenager of Sweet Apple Ohio


Margie- A teenager of Sweet Apple Ohio


Freddie- A teenager of Sweet Apple Ohio


Karl- A teenager of Sweet Apple Ohio


Penelope Ann- A teenager of Sweet Apple Ohio


Deborah Sue- A teenager of Sweet Apple Ohio