THE ANCESTORS: A quirky bunch of deceased ancestors who are visiting the Addams’ family graveyard for the annual gathering of all family members (living, dead, and undecided!) to celebrate what it is to be an Addams. They are at first reluctantly trapped by Fester into helping the young couple to be‘officially engaged’. With Uncle Fester, the Ancestors provide the narration of the show and act as a mobile ‘Greek Chorus’. Each Ancestor is a character in his/her own right and there are opportunities for several cameo roles

GOMEZ ADDAMS: A passionate man of Spanish descent who takes great pride in his family and revels all it means to be an “Addams.” He struggles with having to keep his daughter’s
secret from his wife, whom he adores more than death. Smart, comedic actor with strong vocals.


MORTICIA ADDAMS: The strength of the family. A strong comedic actress with a dry wit. Feels her husband is hiding something from her and will use any tactic to lure the
secret out. A strong dancer/mover with strong vocals.

UNCLE FESTER: The androgynous family member who serves as the show's narrator. He is larger than life, an energetic, joyous, child-like presence. A vaudeville-style comedian with strong vocals. OPEN TO MALE & FEMALE ACTORS. 

WEDNESDAY ADDAMS: Wednesday is a strong girl who has the same dry wit and sensibility of her mother. Finds love with a “normal” boy (Lucas) and wants to introduce his family to hers. Experiences the youthful drama that comes with first love. Lucas can actually puts a smile on her face. Strong pop healthy belt vocals.

GRANDMA: She is a feisty 102 year old woman. Fun and quirky, but don’t mess with Grandma. Comedic actress with strong character vocals.

PUGSLEY ADDAMS: Young actor. A charming, funny, husky boy who loves being tortured by his sister. He wants to ensure he won’t lose his sister to her new boyfriend so he takes matters into his own hands. Strong vocals. OPEN TO MALE & FEMALE ACTORS.

LURCH: A very tall male character, the Addams butler who knows all. He speaks in moans and groans. A character actor with low bass vocals. He must be able to sing. 

MAL BEINEKE: Stuffy father of Lucas and exasperated husband to his rhyming wife, Alice. At one time was a follower of The Grateful Dead but has lost that side of himself. Always looking out for his family. A male actor with high strong vocals.

ALICE BEINEKE: Mother of Lucas, devoted to her family so she puts aside her own desires. In shape, quirky female who often speaks in rhyme. While at the Addams Family dinner party, she drinks a potion that causes her to let her hair down and speak her truth. Comedic actress with soprano/healthy belt vocals.

LUCAS BEINEKE: Attractive young man. Fell in love with Wednesday Addams and plans to marry her. Experiences the youthful pain and drama of young love and struggles with the differences between his family and the Addams family.
Contemporary pop vocals.

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