Dream Arts Company is Sixteen going on Seventeen

with our winter 2020 musical

The Sound of Music 






Students ages 7-18 from all over the metro Detroit area

are eligible to audition. 

Audition Date: Ongoing 

Show Dates: January 31, 2020-February 1, 2020

  • Performance Location: Groves High School Auditorium in Birmingham.

  • We are unable to publish a rehearsal schedule in advance of auditions. Schedules are created after auditions.

  • Rehearsals will take place 2-3 times a week after 4 p.m. weekdays. Weekends will vary.

  • All actors are not called for every rehearsal. 

  • Production Fee: $220 for students selected for the production. See the additional tuition and production details below. 

  • This program is perfectly designed for newcomers and seasoned performers!



The storyline: Mountain-bred Maria is an awkward fit at Nonnberg Abbey.  Her desire for the cloister fights her urge to sing for joy. Mother Superior sends her on a secular mission: to help out a widower with 7 children.  How the assignment helps to discover her true place in the world, and how her courage helps her new family escape the Nazi occupation of Austria in 1938 is the backdrop to a series of well-loved songs.
The Characters are modeled on the story of the real-life Von Trapp family.
The Sound of Music is a universal story about love, music, courage and the strength of the human heart. It is not a story that we will tell with a particular look for the Von Trapp children or any of the characters in the show. All of the characters will instead be comprised of a diverse group of actors representing all people. 
Theatre is an imaginative form, not a literal one.
The Von Trapp story is one that appeals and applies to all people and our casting will reflect that truth.


This is a tuition-based theatrical program. There are additional production-related fees. See the details below.​

  • Tuition Fee: Participants in elementary, middle or high school, who are cast, will pay a $220 production fee. 


  • Tuition is non-refundable/non-transferable. 100% of these fees are put towards the cost of the production.


  • All shows and final rehearsals are mandatory. 


​Costume Fee

Rented or custom made costumes are not fully covered by the production fee. Participants will pay a fee to help cover the rental, creation and/or purchase of costume items. Prices will vary depending on the size and number of roles.

ADDITIONAL FEES (most are optional): 

  • Merchandise (cast t-shirts/sweatpants/bags, etc.)

  • Cast Retreat (not optional)

  • Show tickets

  • Costume accessories/shoes/wigs/leotards/tights (not optional)

  • Cast party (optional)

​These and other ancillary costs are not included in the tuition fee.

Parent Volunteer Hours

Parent Volunteer Hours are REQUIRED for all parents with children currently in elementary, middle or high school.

After casting, you may indicate your parent work assignment preference, but assignments are made based on production needs. The strike is scheduled immediately following the final production.

Please know that we rely HEAVILY on our parent volunteers in order to produce a show. We ask that you carefully consider how your family’s schedule can be adjusted so that you can be involved in the support of your actor(s).
Each family is required to volunteer a total of 25+ hours per family (no matter how many actors). Families are required to submit a $250 volunteer deposit, which will be returned if your volunteer commitment is fulfilled. 
There is also a “guilt-free opt-out” available. At Registration, you will either sign up for a volunteer area, or you may choose to opt-out. If you
choose to opt-out, your $250 deposit check will be cashed at that time.
At the end of the show, IF you have accumulated at least 25 hours of volunteer time, your check will be returned.
Otherwise, your check will be deposited after the show closes. This applies to everyone.


Audition & Rehearsal Location: Primarily in our Bloomfield Hills studio. Woodward and Lone Pine area. 



Advance sign up for auditions is required.

​To make an appointment please email the following details: 



SCHOOL/CITY (please do not use abbreviations):

Current grade (19/20):


Parental contact information (INCLUDING EMAIL):

How did you find out about our audition?: 

EMAIL:  dacodetroit@hotmail.com (SUBJECT: The Sound of Music)

You will receive a confirmation email with your exact time and audition location once your request is received and processed.   Please allow a few days for a response. Our office hours are not traditional full or part-time hours. 

Acting Audition

Acting ability will be judged from the vocal audition, so performers must demonstrate acting talent through their song.

What to Prepare
1. Please prepare one full Golden Age Musical Theatre song that best highlights your range in the style of the show.  (NOTE: If you do not have time to prep a golden age song, please prep any legit musical theatre or Disney song)

  • What is a Golden Age Musical?  Classic shows that are written between the 1930’s/1940’s through the 1960’s

  • We strongly suggest picking a song from one of the following musicals: Oklahoma!, Kiss Me Kate, Guys and Dolls, Bye Bye Birdie, Carousel, Annie Get Your Gun, Brigadoon, The King And I,  My Fair Lady, West Side Story, The Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof, She Loves Me, State Fair, Me and Juliet or  Allegro. You may also sing music from the George Gershwin catalog.  

2. Please have your music clearly marked and in a 3-ring binder with pages copied back to back.

3. A professional accompanist will be provided. 

4. A cappella auditions are not an option.

5. Bring an 8x10 headshot/recent photo. You DO NOT need a professional head-shot. A simple pic of yourself is fine. Make sure you are the only person in the picture. Photos are not returned to you. Please write your full name on the back of your 8x10 photo.

6. Parents can wait in our lobby during the auditions.

7. Please, NO selections from any musical post-1969. No POP songs! No songs from, The Sound of Music. 

8. VERY IMPORTANT: Please plan on performing your musical selection with the same amount of acting with which you rehearse and perform a monologue or scene.

9. Arrive NO MORE THAN 10 minutes before your audition appointment. 

10. PLEASE NOTE: The entire audition process may take approximately 1 -2.5 hours.

11. ADVICE: Please do not wait until the last minute to order your music online and/or from a local store. It often takes a couple of weeks for shipping. Also, we strongly suggest practicing/reviewing your sheet music with a pianist before your audition. Do not assume the CD/Radio version of your song is the same as your sheet music. Hearing the sheet music version of a song for the first time during an actual audition will not allow you to perform at your best!!

12. Online Sheet Music Resources: JW Pepper Music online;www.sheetmusicplus.com; www.amazon.com



  • Your three-ring binder that includes the sheet music of the song you have prepared.

  •  You may not sing a cappella (without accompaniment) or with a recording.

  • Please have your song in the key, you are singing it. The accompanist is unable to transpose your music on the spot.

  • Sheet music is hole-punched, two-sided, and inserted your three-ring binder

  • A professional or non-professional headshot that represents how you look now:
    School or photocopied photos are OK. (You are not judged on photos-we just want to recognize you!)

  • FAMILY CALENDAR: So that you can clearly and accurately identify conflicts with the rehearsal schedule.



  • Dress for success. You should look like the best version of yourself. Be comfortable but professional and able to move naturally in your clothing and footwear.

  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes early, already warmed-up physically and vocally.

  • Arrive with all forms and your conflict calendar completely filled out.  An accurate conflict form is critical. DO NOT rush completing paperwork; we need all the information to make casting decisions.

  • Exhibit courteous and professional behavior to everyone you encounter that day. Your conduct at every point of the process is observed and noted.

  • Relax, breathe and HAVE FUN! Let your personality shine through!

  • Bring water for hydration and smile to make yourself feel good!


  • Smile and say hello to the audition panel, you are already auditioning.

  • Go to the accompanist first and talk him/her through your music.

  • Go over important details in your music. Where you start and stop. What you need at the beginning (i.e. “Play this note really loud, it’s my starting pitch.”). Your desired tempo. Anything special, like a hold, or a place where you will slow down or speed up.

  • Stand on the X marked on the floor and SLATE (introduce yourself and your piece).

         For example, “Hi! My name is Carly Jones, I am 16 years old and I attend ABC             Academy. Today I am performing,  “The Real Love of My Life” from Brigadoon by Lerner and Lowe.

  • Conclude your entire audition with a, “Thank you,” to the panel and pause.


  • PAUSE BEFORE LEAVING in case the panel has questions for you. We may ask you to do a section of your piece in a different way or an improvisation or ask you about something on your resume. Say “yes!” to anything asked of you. Take risks, make bold choices.

  • Exit with the confidence that you did your very best.



Rehearsal days: TBD​

Rehearsals typically take place weeknights (2-3 times a week) after 4:00 p.m. and possibly Saturday’s or Sunday's. All cast members are not scheduled for all rehearsals.

Please indicate all conflicts including trips, sports, after-school activities on your audition form.​

Rehearsal times will vary from one role to another as rehearsals are scheduled around scenes. Therefore, some participants will rehearse more often than other participants. Once you receive your audition form --you are asked to indicate if you have regular rehearsal conflicts during the week and on weekends.


ALL PARTICIPANTS are required to attend dress rehearsal every night of performance week. These rehearsals are vital for everyone in the company.



1. We require you to submit all conflicts during the auditions.

2. All conflicts must be handed in by the last night of callbacks.

3. Additional conflicts or new conflicts are considered unexcused absences and may lead to being dropped from the show.

3a. If a performer is forced to withdraw because of too many conflicts, no tuition will be refunded.

4. We accept one unexcused absence and we do keep track of unexcused absences. 

5. We reserve the right to not cast a participant if that person has an excessive number of conflicts.

6. Participants may have NO conflicts during technical weeks (the last week of rehearsals before the show opens.)


  • Maria Rainer (musical theatre mix/soprano) A postulant at Nonnberg Abbey – young, free-spirited, warm, gentle and kind with much determination.

  • Captain Georg von Trapp  A retired Austrian naval captain. Polished, yet very military in the way he runs his life to repress his sadness over the death of his wife; underneath, he is warm, understanding, and determined.

  • Max Detweiller Charming and vital; a man of sophistication who enjoys the good life; true and loyal friend to the von Trapp family.

  • Mother Abbess (legit soprano, wide vocal range very strong actress) Motherly, understanding, strong and authoritative, but kind.

  • Sister Berthe Mistress of Novices, prudish, straight-laced with a quick tongue, she is less tolerant than other nuns.

  • Sister Margaretta Mistress of Postulants, very kind, understanding and concerned.

  • Sister Sophia Neither demanding nor critical.  Sticks with the rules.

  • Franz von Trapp butler, rather formal but not without spirit, he is very German and loyal to the Fascist cause.

  • Frau Schmidt The housekeeper, stoic, very little personality; she does her job efficiently but without affection. Strong and somewhat dominating.

  • Herr Zeller Stern and unsmiling, a typical Nazi official whose primary concern is to see that everyone toes the line.

  • Rolf Gruber Suitor to Liesl, telegram delivery boy, later Nazi soldier. A very pleasant young man, somewhat aggressive but in a gentle way.

  • Liesl von Trapp The oldest child, blossoming into a young lady with an interest in boys. She has a maternal edge to her and cares very deeply for her younger siblings.

  • Friedrich von Trapp Tough exterior, very much trying to be “the man” of the family.

  • Louisa von Trapp Rebellious attitude.

  • Kurt von Trapp Gentle and mischievous.

  • Brigitta von Trapp Smart. She reads a lot.

  • Marta von Trapp Very sweet and gentle.

  • Gretl von Trapp Must have the cute factor.

Salzburg citizens, new postulant, nuns, novices, postulants, soldiers and contestants in the Festival Concert.

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