We are seeking students  (grades 4-6 & 7-12)  from all over the metro Detroit area to help build our new ensembles.
Auditions are scheduled for  January 27, 2019


Students will study elements of theatre in conjunction with rehearsing and performing in performances and projects.   In addition to theater skills, members improve their abilities in teamwork, time management, 
public speaking and positive communication.
Under the direction of a team of Creative Education Artists,  

this exciting new program is designed for new and seasoned performers who are ready for a  comprehensive acting ensemble experience. 













Prepare and memorize one (1-2) minute monologue from a modern or classical play (comedy or dramatic) by a character fairly close to your own age. The material may either be in prose or verse.
Please do not present a monologue from a musical. Don’t try to ‘act’, just tell us
the story. It’s more interesting being natural.



Prepare TWO contrasting songs from music theatre repertoire, one up-tempo and one
ballad. One of the songs should have been written before 1970. Both songs must be memorized
and performed with piano accompaniment. You may only be required to sing one song and a
part of the second. Just go with whatever is asked of you. 


Find songs that are appropriate for your age and type of voice. Select a song that shows us what you can do rather than highlighting what you haven’t yet mastered. Pieces that are out of your range or not for your voice type will not show you at your best.


Here are a few tips:
a) The difficulty of the piece is irrelevant. We want to hear the quality of your voice and know that you are musical. We want to see that you understand the importance of text and that you engage us with the story of your piece. Show us that you are a performer.

b) Ensure that you have a copy of your music for the accompanist. If you are using a book or a folder, make sure it will lay flat and that pages remain still. Remember, these things may seem trivial, but it is important to remove any potential obstacles or problems.

c) Ensure your sheet music is in the key you will be singing.  Don’t bring in a lead sheet (the melody with just chords).  Bring in the entire piece with full piano accompaniment. Almost every musical theatre song is readily available on

d) Know the piano accompaniment.

e) We will not allow you to use any electronically generated accompaniment.


We will provide a professional accompanist.


When you enter the room, you will have some time to establish the tempo of your piece and highlight any issues for the accompanist to note.


f) Know the tempo (speed) of your song. Sing the first few lines for the accompanist.


Please have your music clearly marked and in a 3-ring binder with pages copied back to back.

 A professional accompanist will be provided. 

A cappella auditions are not an option.

Bring an 8x10 headshot/recent photo. You DO NOT need a professional head-shot. A simple pic of yourself is fine. Make sure you are the only one in the picture. Photos are not returned to you. Please write your full name on the back of your 8x10 photo.

Parents can wait in our lobby during the auditions.

 IMPORTANT: Please plan on performing your musical selection with the same amount of acting with which you rehearse and perform a monologue or scene.

Arrive NO MORE THAN 15 minutes before your audition appointment. 

 PLEASE NOTE: The entire audition process may take approximately 1 -2.5 hours.

ADVICE: Please do not wait until the last minute to order your music online and/or from a local store. It often takes a couple of weeks for shipping. Also, we strongly suggest practicing/reviewing your sheet music with a pianist before your audition. Do not assume the CD/Radio version of your song is the same as your sheet music. Hearing the sheet music version of a song for the first time during an actual audition will not allow you to perform at your best!!

 Online Sheet Music Resources: JW Pepper Music online;;


Remember, we were once where you are now and we understand what you are feeling. Believe in yourself, prepare and give it a go. DACO is a wonderful place and we would love to see you here!

Additional requirements:

1. A current resume of performing and theatrical experience and an 8x10 picture. Note: If this is
your first performance experience, create a resume with details about your hobbies, sports,
family activities, etc.

2. A one-page essay discussing why you want to join our Resident Ensemble
and how you think the experience will help you meet your academic and performance goals.



Send an email to


(Subject: RESIDENT ENSEMBLE) with the following details:




SCHOOL:              GRADE (18/19 Year):

Parent Name & Contact Information:  

Please confirm you’ve read all of the details about our ENSEMBLE including, participation fee, casting/role policy and the schedule:


You will receive a confirmation email with your exact time and audition location once your request is received and processed.   Please allow a few days for a response. Our office hours are not traditional full or part-time hours.